When wrapping your company or team vehicle, you can create a one of the most cost-effective moving billboard! Our gnarly designs and unmatched quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure. Our line of products can accommodate your needs whether you are a small team looking to market your product with car wrap or a large corporation looking for fleet wrap for your every company vehicle.

We also offer a wide range of box van wraps and even a line of RV wraps to suit any mode of transportation. We carry a wide variety of both high quality truck wrap products and durable bus wrap for any size truck or bus you may have.

Average Wrap Costs including install (Length * Width):

Premium Material: $14.50 per square foot

Standard Material: $11.00 per square foot

For additional questions on pricing

Contact: design@primalxonline.com or call 215.315.4208 for questions and pricing options

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