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NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse artwork requests, should they promote hate or violence.

All products will be shipped USPS at buyers expense. It is our mission to produce and ship all products in a timely manner. Expected shipping times are as follows: Pre-printed number plates 7 business days, Semi-Custom and Personal ID products 10 business days, and Custom work 15 business days after final approval of artwork and payment. Items will not be printed until the full payment is received. Times may vary depending on volume and shipping times.


Invoices are due upon the date of issue. Should the invoice remain unpaid longer than 30 days past the issue date, a reoccurring $25 or 10% of total, which ever is greater ,finance charge will be applied after every 30 days the bill in not paid in full from original issue date. Any returned check will have a $30 fee added to the total bill and require payment in cash upon second request.

Exchanges are only allowed when errors are made on behalf of Primal X. Due to the custom nature of our products REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO REVIEW. IF DIGITAL PROOFS HAVE BEEN RELAYED (TEXT, INSTAGRAM, EMAIL, IN PERSON)  THE CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS THAT THIS IS CONSIDERED PART OF THEIR SERVICES RENDERED. To replace an item, you will need to contact us by telephone and receive authorization. Photos of the item are required*** Then your product may be reissued by Primal X for a replacement. We do not accept responsibility for print errors after the customer has approved the provided proof of the artwork/product. Orders containing third party products such as  (Plastics, Seat Covers, Grips & SpokeSkins) will be refunded less the amount for the aforementioned items, only if they have been delivered.

Note: Please review your items once you’ve received them. No corrections/re-issues will be made if

(a) The product has been installed on the motorcycle, Atv or vehicle

(b) It is 30 days after the product has been delivered. Customers must contact us within this window in order to be considered.

Should the customer decide to cancel their Full Custom order, a $75.00USD fee will be assessed and the remaining balance refunded. Our designers work diligently to bring your design to life and their time holds a great deal of value.

  • If an order must be reversed due to a billing or payment conflict, the buyer is responsible for any additional fees associated with redirecting, intercepting or reshipment of the purchased products. A minimum $40.00USD assessment will be applied for restocking and or loss of materials/time. This amount will be added to the total invoice and is a non refundable. Primal X will provided an itemized statement / breakdown of said fees.

Orders Containing third party items (Plastics, Seats, Spoke Covers, etc)

  • We are not responsible for shipping delays due to production and or back ordered products from a third party. Refunds of Primal X product will not be issued due to any delays. Our representatives will do their best to align these times properly.


  • Changing the make, model or year of the desired graphics kit after the initial purchase specifications have been placed is subject to a $49.00 change assessment.


We typically use USPS as our preferred shipping company, unless otherwise specified by the customer. 50usd insurance is included per our priority shipping method. Additional insurance may be purchased at the customer’s request. Primal X Motorsports or any of it’s third party suppliers are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We will however, provide any information necessary to properly file your claim, should your package become lost or stolen.

All artwork used and provided by Primal Graphics Co is the sole property of Primal X Motorsports unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. All artwork is protected under US Copyright law.

By purchasing a product baring the Primal logo, you authorize Primal Graphics Co, LLC and its affiliated social media accounts to use images of your motorcycle and or artwork for promotional purposes.

All colors on our site/proofs have been represented to the best of our abilities. However, we can not be held responsible for what your computer or monitor produces for color on your end, and therefore there is no guarantee that the end product will color match. If you wish to use a specific color, the CMYK, RGB or PANTONE color must be presented in writing at point of sale. If no colors are selected our default proof colors will be used. 

Due to the custom nature of the process and changes in selected print media, inks, foils and chromes, we cannot guarantee the selected colors will present themselves as intended. No refunds will be given due to issues of this matter. However, we will attempt to remedy these situations to the best of our ability.

COLOR ADDONS *Customers must add these at checkout or request that they be added to their order. Once a kit has been printed, we can not alter the color”

  • CHROMES – These are similar to Metal finishes. The material gives off an almost mirror reflection in each of the respective colors.
  • REFLEX REFLECTIVE – This particular material uses a crushed glass filament and give a glowing appearance when light is captured at night. This material is for show purposes only and is not intended to be used while operating vehicles on busy streets.

All Custom Art will receive a proof as part of the art fee. Acceptance of the artwork is final (Verbal, Text, Email and any other mean of communication between Primal X and the client). Should the customer request changes to the artwork ( Additions, Subtractions or Changing Motorcycle) after the final proof has been accepted, an additional $25.00 charge will be assessed for the changes.

Note: Buyer should be certain Make, Model, Year and template shape are correct. If the proof is accepted the sale becomes final and no refund will be issued. Graphics are intended for use on unmodified factory OEM plastics. Fitment of aftermarket or custom plastics is not guaranteed .

NON OEM PLASTICS – We will attempt to provide the closest template we have a available for the desired aftermarket Non-OEM reproduction plastics. However, the buyer understands the item may require trimming or additional alterations.


The (BUY ONE GET ONE DUPLICATE) promotion may only be applied to the Semi Custom selections. Exclusions apply to the purchase of color upgrades. The color upgrade fee must be collected on the second set or the standard non-reflective/non-chrome materials will be used.  Lastly, this promotion may not be used in conjunction with the customer referral credits.

By using this site you agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

All items we produce are custom and made to order. We do not stock any items***

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